Birthday wishes for wife

Birthday Wishes for Wife

She is the one you sleep next to and the one you wake up with. The one you love and always smile at when your eyes meet. She is your rock and the one that has been there for you throughout the years when times were difficult. And today is her special day, her birthday and you are at a loss for words. Putting one’s feelings into writing can prove very difficult let alone when it is related to someone as important as your wife. So, if you feel like this, here are some wishes to help you put into words the feelings you have for her and make her day a little more special.

  1. Seeing your gorgeous face in the morning instantly makes my day a good one. Thank you for choosing to be my wife, darling. Happy birthday!
  2. When I first met you, I instantly knew you’d be my wife. Though it took me some time to convince you, I’m very glad that I succeeded. I’m immensely proud to call myself your husband. Happy birthday!
  3. One of the best things about being your husband is that I get to spend every birthday with you. Happy birthday, baby.
  4. I once thought I’d be forever alone. Little did I know that I’d become the proud husband of the most gorgeous woman in the world. You’re perfect for me, darling. I’m going to make your birthday as perfect as you are.
  5. I promise that I’ll make your birthdays as beautiful as they deserve to be. Let’s make the most of today!
  6. No matter how much we argue, you’ll always be my number one. Every hardship is a blessing because I get to experience it with you. Thank you for being such a patient, loving, and understanding wife. I couldn’t have asked for a better one. Happy birthday, honey!
  7. I didn’t understand the meaning of true love until I met you. Everything in life feels perfect because of your existence. Thank you for making me such a happy man. I love you, baby. Happy birthday!
  8. I want to be your safe place, your home, your shoulder to cry on. Most importantly, I want to be the best birthday party host in the world! You’re going to love today’s surprises. See you soon!
  9. Even if I had no idea that you existed, I’d still celebrate this day. My love for you is unconditional, darling. Happy birthday!
  10. The best decision I’ve ever made is asked you to marry me. How lucky I am to spend the rest of my life with an angel like you. Happy birthday, my dearest!
  11. Celebrating your birthday as your husband feels like the ultimate dream come true. Thank you for giving me this privilege, my wonderful wife.
  12. The amount of happiness you give me and our children is astounding. We’re so blessed to have such a brilliant role model. Happy birthday to our queen!
  13. Every day, I ask God to make me at least half as wonderful as you. Every year, you become more and more beautiful. I don’t deserve you, my darling. Happy birthday!
  14. Like every other day, this is your day, my darling. Let’s have fun!
  15. One day, our children will grow up and thank you for your existence. One day, they’ll throw amazing birthday parties for us. Isn’t that amazing? For now, though, I’ll be in charge of those amazing parties. Happy birthday, darling!
  16. Words can’t describe how thrilled I was when you married me. Every day since then has felt like the best birthday in the world. I hope you feel the same way, baby. Happy birthday!
  17. You make the sweetest desserts, but even they aren’t as sweet as you. Happy birthday to the best wife a man could ask for!
  18. Everything you wish for will be granted. I will help you achieve all of your goals. I’ll always be there to wish you an amazing happy birthday and make you feel loved.
  19. Your birthday is the perfect excuse to make you feel extremely loved. I’m so honoured to celebrate it with you!
  20. I knew I’d be happy with you, but I never imagined I’d be THIS happy. Every day, be it a birthday, a special occasion, or a lazy day off, feels like a gift because of you. Happy birthday, my most precious gem.
  21. You’ve changed me into a better man and taught me the meaning of unconditional love. I’d be lost without you. Happy birthday, my darling!
  22. I’m so happy that I’m the lucky man who gets to call you his wife. I can promise you that every birthday of yours will be a memorable one. Happy birthday, my dream come true!
  23. Today, I’ll make you so happy that the feeling will last for the next 364 days. Every day, I’ll make it my goal to bring a big smile to your face. Happy birthday, my darling!
  24. Today, you’ll get a lot of birthday hugs, presents, and laughs. Most importantly, you’ll be reminded of how many people truly love you. But remember, darling, that I love you the most. Happy birthday!
  25. Thinking about you fixes the worst of days. Being with you makes the best days even better. I hope that on your birthday, you feel as blessed as I do to be by your side. What a wonderful woman you are, my darling. Let’s celebrate you all day, every day!
  26. I know that you don’t ask for much, but I also know that you deserve everything. I will give you everything and more, my darling. Happy birthday!
  27. I will always be by your side and I’ll never want to lose you. Thank you for blessing me with your heart, existence, and love. You mean the world to me, my darling. Happy birthday!
  28. I still can’t believe that someone as perfect as you loves someone as flawed as me. Thank you for putting up with my (occasional) nonsense and loving me for who I am. I’ll keep striving to be a better man for you. Happy birthday to my amazing wife!
  29. No matter what changes in our lives, my love for you will remain strong and stable. I love you infinitely. Happy birthday, baby!
  30. You’re not just my wife, but my best friend. You also happen to be the sweetest birthday girl today!
  31. I’m so lucky that I don’t have to send you birthday cards only. I get to spend every day with you, my precious wife. Happiest of birthdays!
  32. Everything materialistic that I give to you will get old with time. The only thing that will never age is my immense love for you. Happy birthday, my wife!
  33. If I had to start life all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’d find you, marry you, and spend every birthday with you. Your smile lights up my world, darling. Let’s make today a brilliant one!
  34. You will always be the first face I will want to look at in the morning… I will never get enough of you. Happy birthday darling!
  35. Our journey together has been more than wonderful. Can’t wait for all the adventures that are still to come…! Happy birthday!
  36. Each day I love you more than the last…Happy birthday my love!
  37. I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love you. Happy birthday!
  38. I hope your day today is as special as you are to me! You deserve the best! Happy birthday!
  39. I hope I can make your day as special as you make mine every day! I love you… You mean the world to me!
  40. You have been my rock. I am here for anything you need! I love you unconditionally…Happy birthday!
  41. You are the one I want to go to bed with every night and the one I want to wake up next to every morning… You are my everything. Happy birthday!
  42. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. To me, there is no one else. Happy birthday my love!
  43. I feel so lucky to have such a smart, beautiful, funny and loving wife beside me… Happy birthday!
  44. Words are not enough to explain my feelings for you. You light up my life! Happy birthday!
  45. You are not only the person I love most, you are also my best friend and I would never have it any other way. Happy birthday my love, enjoy your special day!
  46. To me, you are as perfect as it gets. Never change the way you are! Happy birthday to the greatest woman I know!
    I fall in love with you all over again each morning I wake up next to you. I never want to be without you. Happy birthday!
  47. Happy birthday! May all your dreams come true! (One of them is standing right in front of you!) I love you!
  48. Your smile lights up my world! Never let anyone steal that smile from your face…Happy birthday!
  49. Happy birthday darling! Another great year beside you has gone by and I cannot wait for all the others that are still to come!
  50. It is that time of the year again. Your loving wife has her birthday and although this is not the first time you extend wishes, this year you want to make something special of them. And you may think that everything that was to be said has been said but prepare to be surprised. Here is a list of original, never used before wishes that are bound to make your wife feel unique and special. And if they don’t fit perfectly feel free to alter them any way you want.
  51. All this year the only fault I could find in you is that you never realized that when we are watching ball with the guys we don’t want you to sit with us and comment, we just want you to bring us food and beers. Just kidding, honey, you are perfect. Happy birthday.
  52. Thirty years we have been together and I have not had anything but good memories of this time. I hope the next thirty years are as happy as those. And  I know that you think 30 years more may sound more than expected but remember, medicine is progressing all the time. Happy birthday, darling and let’s be happy for eternity.
  53. We may be married just for one year but for me, there is no doubt that you are and will continue to be the best wife a man could have. Happy birthday.
  54. When I Think of you I cannot find a single fault. Well except for one. I still cannot fathom that you are a fan of Barcelona. Oh well, nobody’s perfect. Happy birthday.
  55. I heard you the other day at the barbecue telling my parents what an upstanding and dependable husband I have become and I just want to say to you that all of that is because of you. You have really changed me and made me a better person in ways I could not even imagine before I met you. Thank you for letting me spend the rest of my life with you and happy birthday honey.
  56. I always thought of myself as someone who never new when and where to stop. I never expected to change but you made clear to me that one of the most important tasks of a wife is to tell her husband when to stop. Thank you for doing a great job all this years. Happy birthday.
  57. You still look so hot after all the years we have been together. I cannot imagine a more beautiful wife. Happy birthday, my love.
  58. Paraphrasing one of your favorite songs from Kaiser Chiefs: Every day I love you more and more. Happy birthday, darling
  59. I have to admit, the first years of our relationship, I thought that you just could not be as perfect as you appeared. That maybe a secret would come up eventually and shutter all this perfection. But after ten years I have realized how wrong I was. There is no fault in you darling and that is why I love you so much. Happy birthday.
  60. You are a great wife, a wonderful mother, a beautiful woman,  the best friend someone could have and on top of that you have managed to be great at your job, too. You are truly everything a man could ask fir from his wife. Happy birthday.
  61. All this years you have offered me a lot of things that made me thankful of who you are. But now that I am in a reminiscent mood I have finally realized the sacrifice you made leaving the job you loved so much, in order to stay home and raise our children. For that and for everything else I truly thank you. Happy birthday.
  62. I know that through the years I have not been the easiest of husbands. But I cherish you and love you for standing by me, without even complaining, no mutter what. Thank you and happy birthday.
  63. Everyone we knew tried to persuade us that love at first sight does not exist and that shotgun weddings never end  well. But now, after all these years they have to admit that we proved them wrong in a spectacular way. Happy birthday.
  64. The best and cute collected Birthday Messages for Wife and do this best by choosing Wife Birthday Wishes and let her know how special she is to you! No matter how many years have been passed, your sweet Birthday wishes on your wife birthday will surely bring a smile on her face. They should be sincere and highlight the positive traits in her with some of the Birthday Messages for Wife.

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