50 Birthday wishes for three year old

Indeed, three year olds can be regarded as too young to receive birthday cards and actually understand them. However, they are getting old enough to start acknowledging how on one specific day they are treated in a special way. They get new toys, they get to eat cake and run around the house with other toddlers as much as they like! Giving them a card will not make them feel special but I am sure it will contribute to the general feel of the day. And let’s not forget those parents who can’t stop smiling; I assure you that a card wishing them all the best for their child will only help that smile become wider! So here are some ideas:

Happy birthday to the cutest niece ever… It will soon be time for us to go shopping together and oh I just cannot wait!

Happy birthday! You deserve all the treats in the world today! So go ahead and enjoy them!

Three whole years have gone by and here you are as cute and as cuddly as ever! Happy birthday cutie!

Happy birthday my little angel! Hope you stay as beautiful and as quiet as you are now!!

Happy birthday! You are the star in my sky! Never stop shining!

It seems only yesterday I held you in my arms and you couldn’t even open your eyes. I love you my little prince/princess. Happy birthday!

I hope your third birthday is as special as you are to all of us! Happy birthday!

Seeing you in your cute little outfit dancing to the music makes my heart skip a beat! Have as much fun as possible! Happy third birthday!

I hope your life is filled with as many pleasant surprises as we have prepared for you today! Happy third birthday little one!

Happy birthday! Try and eat the cake without throwing it at the others this time! Just kidding, enjoy your special day!

Seeing you smile always makes my day! And today you have done nothing but smile! Happy birthday, hope your special day is as special as you are!

They asked me if I could point towards the cutest kid in the house, and well sorry for poking you in the face! Happy birthday to the most pretty girl/handsome boy in here today! Enjoy your special day!

Magic number three is coming up in your toddler’s age and you know you want to make this year’s birthday as special as any. You also know that it is very difficult coming up with unique and original wishes for your toddler, in order to make him or her feel unique and original. Don’t be afraid though. We have come up with a bunch of wishes no one ever thought before. Take a look and feel free to adjust them any way you want.

Funny Birthday wishes for three year old

We are going to have a great party today. We have invited all your friends from the neighborhood, both real and imaginary. I can’t wait for them to meet each other. Just kidding baby, happy third birthday.

Me and your mom always thought of ourselves as cinema people but this year, you have showed a clear predilection towards the TV screen. Well, they do say this is the golden age of television, so I think it is safe to say you have great taste. Happy third birthday.

You are getting old for your age. You’re barely older than 2, and you’re already 3!

All the books we read about three year old stated that you are going to ask a lot of questions but at times, this year we felt we were giving an interview. I think we have a major journalist to be in our hands. Happy third birthday.

You should have pie for your birthday instead of cake. You are close to being 3.14159265359 years old.

We were so happy this year when you went to the toilet on your own for the first time. If only you could remember it while you are playing. Oh well, you can’t have it all. Happy third birthday.

It was a big moment for human biology this year when you realized that you are a boy and your sister a girl. I am sorry son, I hope you will forgive me being so ironic when you grow up. It is just that sometimes everything about you make me laugh, in a good way.  Happy third birthday

Three years old and you already have so many friends. I think you are going to be extremely popular in your life, baby. Let’s have a great party with all of your friends today. Happy third birthday

All the books we read your father about three years old state that it is the right age to start showing you some discipline when you do something bad. But we don’t care, we are going to spoil you as much as we can. So go ahead, break everything you can. Just kidding, happy third birthday.

Well, we knew that you were going to ask a lot of questions this year, but you truly outdid yourself

with all that questioning. I think we have a district attorney in the making. Don’t worry though, we love you so much no matter what, so ask away. Happy third birthday.

There are a lot of memories from this year, that I will keep in my heart forever, but I have to admit I will try my hardest to forget the time I told you I was going to leave you in the mall, if you didn’t behave. You truly cried your heart out and so did I, after I have put you to sleep that night. I hope this is one of those moments that you are going to forget, as soon as possible. Well, I know I am a bit selfish but this is my wish for you, for this years’ birthday. So, happy third birthday.

Me and your dad were so happy this year, wen you were finally able to go to sleep without that pet elephant of yours. Your grandma didn’t like it since she was the one who bought it for you in the first place, but who cares? We are just happy that you are growing up so fast. So, happy third birthday and don’t tell your dad what I said about his mother.

Well, we knew that you were going to ask about genitals this year and your doctor had said that we should use the correct terms about them. But who would have thought that you would be so taken with the words, that you would not stop uttering them constantly for three whole months. You gave us quite the trouble with the neighbors, but you know what? I think it is one of those things that we are going to laugh our hearts out in the future. At least we are. Happy third birthday baby.

You have been great this year, but for your intolerance for anything having to do with oral health. I I mean, how much can a toddler hate a toothpaste? Let’s hope that whatever job you land when you grow up will include dental insurance. Oh, I’m just kidding. Happy third birthday, son

This year, when I started reading you stories to get you to sleep, I couldn’t imagine that I would have to read the whole children’s section of the public library. I just hope this will get you interested in books when you start school. I mean, it better. Just kidding darling, happy third birthday.

We are very proud of you for being able to go to the toilet on your own this year, although we wish you could do the same during the night, too and not only during the day. Oh, well you can’t have it all, happy third birthday.

Although I would not have admit that to you the previous years, this one is the first that our joy for having you, clearly surpasses the struggle. Thank you for getting more wonderful each year and happy third birthday.

Well we knew that toddlers this age tend to be a bit peculiar, but your tendency to stand almost constantly on one foot is truly uncanny. We are sorry if you mind but we are going give you an Indian name and call you little stork from now on. So, happy third birthday little stork.

This collection of embarrassing moments from your birthday parties is coming along nicely. I can’t wait for you to grow up and realize that I am going to blackmail youfor the list of your life. Just kidding baby, happy third birthday.

Even though you’re the youngest 3-year-old I know, you seem so much older than a 2-year-old.

Most of the time, you know you are being invited to a child’s birthday party before you open the colorful and full of drawings invitation. What usually surprises us, is how quickly time has passed since the child’s last birthday and how much he came to grow up. Of course, parents who run after him/ her every day will have another opinion on this… A big, colorfully packaged gift and some delicious candy is all it takes to make kids happy, but you always need a good greeting card that will remain as a souvenir when years have passed. During the first years of the kid’s life, since it can’t read, the greeting card addresses to parents. Below you can find some useful suggestions for a three year old child’s birthday, either offered to his/herself or their parents.

At first you were astonished by the fact that you would become three. Before you know, your little boy/ girl is also three and causes a great mess each time he/she decides to. Face it; you no longer rule this house! Happy third birthday to your little destroyer!

Oh King, hear my message before I flee
Your kingdom is celebrating the coming of three
Three years since your tiny prince(ss) arrived in the palace
I hope he will grow to be as strong as Wallace (as pretty as Alice)

My humble little gift, along with the wishes
Shall be a warm hug and three sweet kisses
One from a fairy, one from a pretty girl
And one little cat with skin white as pearl
(One from a prince, one from a knight
One from a star up in the sky bright)

We were quite anxious about how you were going to feel about having a second baby in the house but you have showed us with your toddler maturity that you are not a baby anymore. Thank you so much and happy third birthday.

I think the highlight of this year was when you realized what your own name was. Well, happy third birthday, Robert.

Almost three years old and you are already so eloquent and polite. You are really going to become a fine gentleman my son. Happy third birthday.

You made us very happy this year when you started dressing on your own. Although your mom is quite worried about your sense of fashion. Please don’t tell your mom I told you  and happy third birthday darling.

What? It has been three years already? Time flies by so quickly when you love someone as much as we love you, baby. Happy third birthday.

We are so proud that you are the first three year old in the neighborhood that can ride a tricycle. Ride on my son and happy third birthday.

These birthdays remind me of the days when your birthday cake used to cost less than the candles! I wish you all the best for the third and for all the birthdays to come. May you have the happiness to see your angel accomplishing all his/her goals in life. Happy third birthday!

You couldn’t ask for a greater gift than this sweet three year old of yours (except maybe for a quieter one…). This special day is a first class chance to call all your celebrate his/her birthday, because as they say “shared pain, half the pain, shared happiness, double happiness”. All the best to your boy/girl.

Colorful papers, teaspoons and strings
Beautiful pictures, nuts, bolts and springs
Dolls and small puppets that my mommy brings
These are a few of my favorite things
If your little puppy could sing, she would sing something like that! Happy third birthday!

Happy birthday to you, one year before you were two
Now you’re three and still growing, there’s nothing sweeter than you!
Happy birthday to you, I have a present for you
For to wish you for your birthday
And to play with you too!

I wish you a happy and creative birthday for your sweet toddler. I hope his happy moments in life will be as many as the kisses he/she receives today in his/her third birthday!

Every day is like heaven when you share it with a sweet child, but some days call for a bigger company! Let’s fill the house with balloons, ribbons and candies and have some fun for the third celebration of your precious little thing!

Not long ago we would measure your age in months and now you can already walk towards that big tasty cake! So, go on and enjoy you dive! That is what birthdays is about anyway! Happy third birthday!

I wish you to have a memorable birthday for both you and your lovely kid.

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