15 Special Birthday wishes for Sister

The most common proverb for the family members is that you only choose your friends and not your relatives. Many of you will find that this is true, if you grew up with brothers or sisters. Our siblings are more than often the relatives that we love to hate, but in the end of the day we can’t do without them, simply because we spent the first decades of our lives together and we know each other so well. Of course, mocking our siblings for their weight, the height, their age, their habit and even playing pranks that make them and our parents scream remain a timeless game we are always willing to play. Those who have a sister, are either protective, if they are men, or competitive, if they are women, but there are some special moments, during whom tender feelings will surface. Such moments can be yearly celebrating, like birthdays. So, what can you wish to the girl or woman, you know the most about in your life? Here are some handy ideas.

You endured a whole childhood next to me and made it to this age! Noone could have made it better. You are my heroine. Happy birthday sister!

When we were younger, I swore to protect you from immature boys that surrounded you. It proved it was them who needed protection, thanks to your short temper! I love you the way you are, sister! You have my best wishes.

I am not gonna make any age related jokes,because in fact I feel a little pity about how old are you.Happy Birthday sister.

Happy Birthday BIG sister , don’t hate me because I’m younger.

Happy Birthday to you,big sister and congratulation on becoming the hottest cougar I know.

Happy Birthday little sister, you’re hardly annoying at all anymore !

No matter how far we are, no matter how absorbed I am by daily routine, I will always have time for my lovely sister. Rain or shine, I will be there for you. Happy birthday!

For the birthday of my favorite partner in crime, I should make a toast to our future crimes. But, since you are a grown up now, I wish you never forget our childhood years and become a boring adult. Happy birthday, sweetie!

As an older brother/sister, I witnessed your birth and all your birthdays since year one. I do not expect a prize, but you have to admit that as far as experience is concerned I’m far more experienced brother/sister than you are. And this will never change, my little sister! Have another great birthday!

Me maybe have different friends and habits, but a birthday without your brother/sister, is just NOT right! After all, there’s always have to exist someone who destroy the whole thing. Love and light for your special celebration day!

You have always been my most hateful war scene that always got on my nerves. At the same time you have been my favorite refuge, when things went wrong. You maybe confuse me, but I always love you in a special way! A sweet kiss for my favorite one!

Can you imagine how your childhood would if I didn’t exist? Less fights, more pocket money, but also less adventure and less fun. Wouldn’t just be boring? I thought so! Here’s to an interesting childhood and to the more exciting days to come. Happy birthday!

I know you have always been a cheater, so this year, before the birthday song, we all going to count the candles on the cake, to make sure it’s the right amount. I know you would never cheat on the very day of your birthday, but I also happen to know you better than anyone. Have a wonderful birthday with the ones you love the most.

Me and my lovely sister
We used to play twister
But she could never lose
‘Cause her teeth she would use
She bit my leg, she bit my arm
She bit my hands, but meant no harm
She just hated defeat
That’s why I miss pieces of meat

Once a fighter in home, now in life. My incredible sister is always the same! A warm kiss right from my heart for your birthday!

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