30 Unique birthday wishes for four year old

Another year has passed and it’s your four year old’s special day again! Even if it is not your child but a niece, a friend’s child, a grandchild or anything else, it is definitely a day you want to celebrate! Of course, there will be cake and balloons and presents and lots of young children running around laughing and screaming but what about the wish? The child can now understand other people and even if it cannot read it can certainly understand what is read to them. So here are some ideas to make your wish a bit more special for the four year old in your life:

Since you are turning four today, I truly believe you deserve more than four slices of cake! Though I am definitely going to steal one and keep it for myself! Happy birthday little one!

Four perfect years have gone by and many more exciting to come! Are you ready for new adventures? I sure am! Happy birthday!

Today is the day you become four and I have four wishes to give you: I wish you happiness, love, success and health. May you always be as happy as you seem today. Happy birthday!

Just yesterday you were one years old. This must be some kind of magic! Happy birthday kiddo!

It might be your fourth birthday but you deserve much more than just four kisses and four hugs! So I’m here to make sure you get more than four today! Happy fourth birthday!

Happy fourth birthday! It is time for us to show off our dance moves!! Let’s go!

Exploring the world and meeting all these new things must be so exciting! Keep enjoying yourself as much as you are today! Happy fourth birthday!

No feeling in the world can be compared to the feelings of love and pride I feel when looking at you. You have grown so much in these four years. Happy birthday!

I do not know what others believe, but I think you are the coolest kid there is! Happy birthday, stay cool!

Each year it seems harder and harder to blow out so many candles! You have already got four on your cake! So huff and puff and enjoy your special day!

Another year older and definitely another year smarter, cuter and cooler! Hope you always stay as smart and as cute as you are today! Happy birthday my little prince/princess!

Hip hip hooray, (name) turns four today!!! Happy birthday kiddo, enjoy your special day!

It is so great to see you have fun and run around with all your friends! Enjoy your special day and eat as much cake as possible! I’ll distract your parents! Happy birthday!

Four years ago I could never have pictured you as pretty/handsome and smart as you are today. I guess you look a lot like me! Happy birthday, I love you just as you are!

You know four is a very important age for your child. He is probably already in preschool, he is making friends and he is on his/hers way of becoming an actual person instead of just a baby. Fourth birthday are coming and you realize that you want to make them as good as possible because these are the first that are going to be actually remembered, at least for some years. Here is a list of wishes that are going to make, this part at least actually memorable.

You are know able to catch the ball we throw at you about six times out of ten. With the extensive training we have planned for you during this summer, we are positive that you are going to increase your percentage to eight times out of ten by your next birthday. Just kidding, darling, happy fourth birthday.

Not even four years old and you can already write A, C and D. It doesn’t matter that you copy them from your story book, we are certain that we have a genius in our hands. Happy birthday, my smart, smart boy.

Your dad, being such a big fan of Manchester United would like for red to be the first color you name correctly, but you had to go and name blue first. Now he thinks you are going to be Chelsea’s fan and accuses me for showing you all those picture books with the sea. Oh, well, he’ll get over it. Probably. Just kidding, happy fourth birthday, son.

We were happy last year that you were able to dress yourself, but this year that you can undress, too we are utterly joyful. You don’t stop to amaze us every moment honey. Happy fourth birthday.

Well you can now hop and stand in one foot, you can walk forward and backward with ease and you can bend over without falling. So, I do not think that there is anything  anymore, that can stop your mother from trying to make a professional dancer out of you. Or ice skater. Or something like that. Don’t tell her, but I will still try  to make a football player out of you, although in utter secrecy. Don’t worry son, we are going to love you no matter what you do. Happy fourth birthday.

This year we were very happy watching you having a great time with all of your new friends. Although we do hope that you still prefer our company from theirs, or we will have to take extreme measures of family fun. Happy third birthday.

Now that I reminisce a bit about the year that passed I think that you spent most of it laughing. Oh honey it is such a joy watching you being so happy and cheerful. We love you so much, happy fourth birthday.

I think the present you enjoyed most this year was that rubber pool your uncle brought you. At times, I thought that you would actually prefer sleeping inside it than in your own bed. So, as a birthday present me and your father decided to take you to the beach this year. I am sure that you are going to enjoy the sea very much. Happy fourth birthday son.

You were so proud of you this year that you started talking clearly. I mean all the other kids from the neighborhood in your age, still use baby talk. Don’t ever tell them, but you are so much better than all of them. Happy fourth birthday son.

In the beginning all you wanted to do with the papers and paints we bought you was tear them up and paint the furniture. I have to admit we were to give up, but now, seeing the improvement you had in drawing, I am glad that we didn’t. Thank you for teaching us patience honey and happy fourth birthday.

I just hope that in the years to come you will continue making us as happy as you did those first four years. You are truly the light in our lives, honey. So, thank you and happy fourth birthday.

To the grates four year old in the world, happybirthday. May you live in harmony son, for the rest of your life.

You know how much your mom and I enjoy painting and we were really impressed this year when you started drawing circles and squares and even people. I think we have a painter in the making. Happy fourth birthday, my little Picasso.

I think the most difficult part of this year was trying to convince that there is no monster in the closet. Oh well, I am sure other families have worse problems. Happy fourth birthday.

Being a puzzle fanatic myself, I have to say the happiest time of this year was when I was watching you complete those little puzzles of yours. Happy fourth birthday.

I hope the rest of your life will be as happy and as carefree as these first one thousand and ninety five first days. Happy fourth birthday.

Not even four years old and you already speak so clearly. I think we have a newscaster in the making. Or maybe singer, although I would prefer newscaster. Nevermind, happy fourth birthday

Don’t mind me saying o the other mothers that it is not not important who is the best student in preschool. You are the best my son ,you. So, abig hurray to you and go kick some butts this year too. Happy fourth birthday.

You really impressed us this year when you unscrewed the honey jar. We are now on a debate about you being extremely skillful or just a really big eater. Oh well, whatever, happy fourth birthday.

Your dad was so proud this year that you finally started to laugh at his baby jokes. I think he was laughing even harder than you did. We will both see what we are going to do next year about this insecurity of his. Happy fourth birthday.

You are now able to introduce your self by stating your name and your age. I think we have a true gentleman in the making. Happy fourth birthday.

I think the high point of this third year of your life was all those stories you told. What a fascinating brain you have my darling. I think we have a writer in the making. Happy fourth birthday my little Hemingway,

I think the hardest part of his year was trying to pull you away from the sea. Oh how much you love the water. We promise that we are going to take you to the beach as much as possible for the rest of your life. Or at least for a slong as you let us go with you. Happy fourth birthday.

You have made us enjoy each and every one of these three first years of your life, my darling. I am sure you are going to do the same for the rest of our lives. Happy fourth birthday.

By this time, I think that everybody has realized that you are the prettiest, smartest, most eloquent kid in the

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