Birthday wishes for cousin

You do not have to express your love and appreciation just to your immediate family members. Sometimes, there are other relatives that mean a lot to you and they also should enjoy your attention One of them could be a cousin and what better occasion to express all of the aforementioned than his/her birthday. So here is a list of unique, original wishes that combine affection with a great sense of humor. Furthermore you could be a lot less formal when you are addressing your cousin. And you are always free to change them any way you like.10 Happy Birthday wishes for cousin !

To me, you have always been the brother I never had. Happy birthday cousin.

Although you are a relative, I have to say I am proud to have called you my friend. Happy birthday cousin.

My dear cousin, you are so gorgeous that sometimes I wish we weren’t related. Oh wait, was that inappropriate? Just kidding caz, happy birthday.

Although you now leave far far away and I am not able to see you as much as we used to, you are still my favorite relative.  Happy birthday cousin.

I will always remember and cherish al those hours we spent in front of theP laystation, mostly because I was always winning. Oh, I am just kidding, you won sometimes, too. A few but still.  Happy birthday cousin.

What happened to us? We used to be so close, how come we drifted so much apart? This year, I  hope your birthday party will be an opportunity to renew are friendship. Happy birthday cousin.

I never understood why grandma always preferred you from me, secretly bringing you more pieces of her famous cake. I mean, all the other members of the family me adore me, more than anyone. Oh well, I guess you can’t have it all. Happy birthday cousin.

Now that I am divorced you now who is going to introduce me to her gorgeous friends. That’s right, you are, my little cousin. And what better occasion than your birthday party. Do not worry, I’ ll be there. And you know, happy birthday too.

Don’t get me wrong. I  have always been grateful getting your old clothes when you outgrew them. Me and my parents also, since we didn’t have a lot of money back then But man, you didn’t have any kind of fashion sense. I always looked like a nerd wearing those old clothes of yours. Oh, well, at least you are dressing properly now. Happy birthday cousin.

Cousin you are such a nerd. Happy birthday

I have to say, every time I think of you, I can’t help remembering all the things we broke at grandmas house. Man, were we boisterous. Oh well, we were just children. Happy birthday cousin.

Do you remember how we always used to fight about who will get the heel? I mean it is the worst part of bread. Oh well we were young and silly. Happy birthday cousin.

I will always cherish the days we spent as teenagers at the lake house. And all those lies you told me about your experiences with girls. Just kidding, happy birthday cousin.

Thank you for always protecting me from all those bullies back when we were in high school. I know I was kind of nerdy back then and I think that school would be a living hell without you. For that and for everything else you will always be my favorite cousin. Happy birthday.

Thank you for introducing me to Game of Thrones cousin. As a birthday gift, let me return the favour by introducing you to Vikings. Happy birthday.


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