Birthday wishes for Brother

Your brother and other siblings are probably the persons you’ve spent the most time of your life with. They are the people you know the most things about, too. This makes wishing in situations like an anniversary or a celebration of an important event a little awkward, because one has to include a lifetime’s feelings in a couple of sentences. Especially when it comes to birthdays, the occasion one has celebrated the most times with his/her brothers, finding the right words for a clever, innovative and touching wish, can be troubling. Hopefully, a list of great readymade wishes can help you create your own tailored one. So, choose wisely and accompany your gifts with a fitting surprising wish.

You know what they say; you don’t get to choose your relatives. Sometimes though, once you get used to them, you never want to change them or lose them. You’re the best brother ever! Happy birthday bro!

Growing up with you, I can now guess your every thought. For example, I know that right now you are thinking that having me is the most fortunate event in your life, for which you feel blessed. Am I right? Well, that’s my thought for you. Have a very special birthday!

I already told you once
There won’t need be another
Tonight’s the time to sing and dance
It’s your birthday, my brother!

And if your waist can no longer shake
And you’ve gotten sweet love handles
It’s because your birthday cake
Takes far less space than the candles
May you never lose your childish heart no matter how many years pass. Happy birthday!

I hope you have everything you wish in life, even if that means we’ll have to stay away for a while. I wish you luck and many happy moments. Happy birthday!

Seeing you be happy is all it takes to keep me going. I wish your familiar smile never fades, even in the hardest times. May you have a great birthday with all your beloved ones.

No matter how far or near we are, you know you’ll always have me and other people who love you standing by you. As long as we are here, there’s nothing to be afraid of while going after your dreams. Let your birthday be only the beginning for the rest of your life. Happy birthday!

While you make your birthday wish blowing the candles, be sure not to forget the person you love the most (hint: you share the same parents!). I wish you have a time to remember until the next one tonight!

This year you should something extraordinary for your birthday; how about placing the correct number of candles? Or not pretend to like all presents no matter how boring they are? I wish you to have a great time no matter what, my brother!

There aren’t many words to say, either of love or of hate, that you might not already heard from me after all this time. I wish you only stumble upon people that love you and appreciate your character as much as I do! You have my sweetest thoughts for your birthday!

I couldn’t hope for a better brother to grow up with. Thank you for the good times and enjoy this day as much as you can. Happy birthday!

You birth had been the best gift for me. I keep celebrating that moment every single year since then. Happy birthday to my most precious thing!

Just for today I’ll be kind and wish you well for your birthday. Tomorrow, we are returning back to the fight as usual! Happy birthday, my favorite trouble!

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