Birthday Messages for 18 Year Olds

Your child, beafcause we all know you still see him/her as one, is about to have his eighteenth birthday, thus becoming an adult. And you know that this is a difficult age, with him/her always ready to argue and get mad with you. You would want to extend some wishes which will prevent him from mocking you but you secretly hope that these wishes will make him/her think of you as a cool person and even even realise that you could be friends. Here is a list of examples that we believe they can help you accomplish just that.

We were so proud of you this year that you landed that part time job and at the same time managed to keep your grades as high as last years’. You are sure growing up to be an independent and responsible person. Let’s just hope that you will spend your money on something good. Oh well, we know you will, happy eighteenth birthday.

Today you are becoming an adult, my son. That means we can no longer legally prevent you from getting drunk and having casual sex. Oh wait, you still live in our house and all your money comes from us. So don’t you dare, if you value the aforementioned accomodations. Although we both know that you wouldn’t. Happy eighteenth birthday.

I think this last year we spent most of our time arguing with you. And the trully peculiar thing is that you managed to win most of these arguments. I think we have a big time lawyer in the making. Happy eighteenth birthday.

This year I made a wish that you will never drink and drive at the same time, like most of your idiotic friends. Please son, don’t make us regret buying you a car for your birthday present. Happy eighteenth birthday.

We have read how some adolescents become drama queens during those years, but watching you argue with your mother this year honey  made me think that you belong to a soap opera. Both of you. Just kidding, I love you both so much. Happy eighteenth birthday.

We are so happy that today you are becoming an adult. You are so proud of you. We just wish that asometimes you would talk to us about what is really gong on eith your life and not just with your friends. Just a littke complaint, don’t mind us. Happy eighteenth birthday.

We love you so much but I have to say you did a lot of thibgs this year which made trully mad. We know we forgave at the end each and every time but I want you to know that next time I am posting all the embarassing photos of you that I have collected over the years both on Facebook and Twitter. Just kidding son. Or maybe not. Happy eighteenth birthday.

We have read that at your age, a lot of students find it difficult to wake up but the fact is that the last alarm clock we bought you was so loud that even the neighbhours woke up and you still still managed to stay asllep. I have to say, it kind of scared us. But I am sure, since today you are becoming an adult, you will get over it this year Both you and the neighbours. Happy eighteenth birthday.

.We have been busting our heads to find an entertainig way to read about children growing up and we ended up watching Boyhood a bunch of times. The problem was nothing actually fit. Oh well, Mason was a really troubled kid so I think it is for the best. You are much better. Happy eighteenth birthday, my son

Last week you told us that your wish for your eighteenth birthday would be for us to get of your case once in a while. I have to say we were hurt at the time but we thought about it and we realised that we may have been a little annoying. So, we both promise that this year we are going to give you as much alone time as you need. Happy eighteenth birthday.

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY !! Have the bestest day you deserve it and enjoy your birthday celebrations with your family and everyone!! Muchos love !

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