Birthdays are surely considered to be an important part of a relationship; a day on which you have to express how much you love the other person through gifts and well-thought wishes. While most believe that women are naturals at these kinds of things, frankly most of us are not. So for those who are too busy, who are not creative enough or for those girls who even forgot it’s their boyfriend’s birthday and are rushing at the last minute, here are some basic, romantic and even funny birthday wishes:

Happy birthday babe! You are my hero!

From the moment I saw your smile, I knew I was hooked. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my favorite person. Thank you for supporting me throughout everything.

I am ecstatic to share this special day with you for the first time. Hope there are many more to come. Happy birthday!

This present and wish are just a really small example of my love for you. Enjoy your special day!

The cake I baked might be sweet, but not as sweet as you! Never stop smiling…Happy birthday!

Birthdays may come and go, but everyday with you feels special to me. I love you unconditionally. Happy birthday!

Even when you have no hair and no teeth, I’ll be there holding your hand just like today. Happy birthday to the most handsome person I know!

There is no other smile or hug that can comfort me as much as yours. Hope you enjoy your special day to the fullest! Happy birthday!

Your next birthday might find you in jail, for stealing my heart! Haha! Happy birthday to the loveliest person!

There’s nothing more I could have asked for in a boyfriend. To me, you are perfect. Happy Birthday!!

May all your dreams come true. Luckily, one is standing right in front of you!!! Happy birthday!

On this special day, my gift is that you get to kiss me all you want! There’s nothing better is there?! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Can’t wait to see you in your birthday suit tonight!!

Happy birthday!! I hope your day is as great as that butt of yours!! I love you!

Another year over and not under the ground! Bad joke I know… Do not know where I’d be without you by my side! Happy birthday!!

You might not be any wiser, sexier or smarter but you are more loved than ever before! Happy birthday my love!

Finally a day to eat and drink all we can!! So let’s start… who cares if it’s still morning?! Happy birthday!

Is it hot in here? Or is that just the heat of all the candles on the cake??? Happy birthday!

I wish that I can make this day as special as my entire life has been since meeting you! Happy birthday to the person I love most in the whole world!

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