What to Write in a 5th Birthday Card

TYPE or PASTOne more year has passed and your loving child is about to have his fifth birthday. And you know how important these five year marks (five, ten,fifteen, etc.) are. Of course, knowing this fact for yourself is not enough, you want your child to know, also. So here is a list of wishes that are bound to make him/her realize the fact of how special he/she is to you. And feel free to change them anyway it suits your needs.

Not even five years old and you are already able to write your own name. And maybe people will think that this is not so hard but their children’s last name is not Beauchamp, praise your father’s family. Oh well, sometimes I think it has a kind of a regal note about it. Happy fifth birthday.

I hope you have an amazing 5th birthday that you won’t forget anytime soon.I hope your birthday is well spent with your family and your little friends.

You’re finally old enough to have a happy birthday without having to ask for permission. Happy 5th Birthday!

I hope you have the most wonderful birthday ever ! I love you more than words can say my little baby <3 Have the best birthday ever !

Well, the doctor said that you are going to ask for food this year, without us having to force you to stop playing to come and eat but we didn’t expect you to transform to an English lord asking for breakfast at exactly 8.30 every morning and lunch at 19.30 every evening. Don’t worry darling, we love every single British peculiarity of yours, happy fifth birthday.

This year you have been so much next door, to Mrs. Jones, that, at some point, I though of letting her throw you a birthday party. Oh don’t mind me, you know I can become jealous some times. Happy fifth birthday.

Now that you have learned to spell properly not only your full name but your address and phone number, too, we think it is time for you to get lost for your first time. Just kidding darling, we are so proud of the progress you are making, happy fifth birthday.

According to child psychologists, this is the year children begin to be actually obnoxious, but we are sure that you are going to continue being the kindest child in the world. Happy fifth birthday darling.

This year I hope that the word I most frequent direct to you will be some other than stop. Oh I am just kidding honey, do as you like , I love you no matter what. Happy fifth birthday

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